What are the types and characteristics of automated production lines

What are the types and characteristics of automated production lines

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  • Time of issue:2022-06-08 09:49

What are the types and characteristics of automated production lines

  • Categories:News
  • Time of issue:2022-06-08 09:49

The production line is the route that the product production process passes through, which is formed by a series of production activities such as processing, transportation, assembly, and inspection, starting from the entry of raw materials into the production site. According to different manufacturing industries and processes, there are many types of automated production lines, such as automatic machining production lines, automatic assembly production lines, automatic spraying production lines, automatic welding production lines, and automatic electroplating production lines.

There are two typical types of automated production lines: one is the automated processing production line in the mechanical parts processing industry; Another is the automated assembly line used for the production of various products after assembly.

In automated production lines, they can be divided into two types based on the differences in their structural forms: automated production lines without internal part storage buffer zones and automated production lines with internal part storage buffer zones.

Under the control and scheduling of computers, automatic production lines process raw materials or blanks into qualified parts according to design requirements, assemble them into parts, and complete designated design and management tasks. His characteristics are as follows:

1. CNC function or computer control function. The moving parts of automation equipment are controlled by digital signals, and processing instructions and codes are obtained by upper level computers, so that the processing equipment of non-standard automation equipment can automatically process.

2. It can be integrated. Automated processing equipment meets universal standards and can achieve accurate and timely data communication and exchange, enabling production equipment, transportation and storage systems, and control systems to work in coordination.

3. Variability. Automation equipment has a certain degree of variability, which can adapt to new product production and shorten production preparation time.

4. High production efficiency. In addition to high variability, processing equipment also has high production efficiency, good controllability and integration, meeting the needs of automation equipment in modern production.

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