How much do you know about non-standard automation equipment?

How much do you know about non-standard automation equipment?

  • Categories:News
  • Time of issue:2022-06-08 09:58

How much do you know about non-standard automation equipment?

  • Categories:News
  • Time of issue:2022-06-08 09:58

What is non-standard automation equipment? What is the difference between it and automation equipment? What industries are non-standard automation equipment suitable for? Today, let's talk about non-standard automation equipment.

Non standard automation equipment is actually customized non-standard automation equipment according to customer needs. It is assembled using unit equipment manufactured according to unified industry standards and specifications issued by the country. Its operation is convenient, flexible, and not singular. Its functions can be added according to user requirements, and there is a large room for modification. Different types of customers have different process requirements. Non standard equipment needs to be used according to specific locations, industry characteristics, and Independently designed for its intended use, there is no specific reference model for the design of non-standard equipment.

Non standard automation equipment replaces and integrates human actions by designing a set of automatic mechanical mechanisms and electrical control logic, achieving automatic feeding, automatic assembly, automatic testing and detection, and saving these data to track production efficiency, yield, energy consumption, etc. Non standard automation equipment like ours is designed in a modular manner, and the biggest advantage of this design is that it is very easy to install, And it is beneficial for later maintenance and upkeep.

Non standard automation equipment also belongs to the field of automation, and its functions are designed according to the user's process requirements. Therefore, to design such equipment, the first thing to do is to know the user's requirements for the equipment, technical parameters, and the price of a non-standard automation equipment is also related to this. Therefore, if you want to know the price of customizing a non-standard automation equipment, you must first understand your own requirements for the equipment, Due to the wide range of products, non-standard automation equipment also has a wide range of applications. Currently, non-standard automation equipment is commonly used in fields such as automobiles, new energy, nuclear power, industry, electronics, healthcare, and aerospace.

The classification of non-standard automation equipment is relatively vague, mainly based on customer industries. For the non-standard automation equipment we do here, it can be divided into several types of testing equipment, such as automobiles, new energy, nuclear power, military industry, and aerospace. Take the automotive non-standard automation water pulse testing machine equipment as an example, it is composed of medium systems, electro-hydraulic servo pulse systems, computer control systems, high and low temperature environmental boxes The vibration system is composed of modular design, and the operation interface is set through a computer to adjust relevant values for testing. The operation is very simple. Water pulse equipment is mainly used for fatigue testing of pipe fittings, and is widely used in production inspection, development and research directions in factories, product quality testing institutes, scientific research institutions, and other fields.

In addition to automotive non-standard automation equipment, there are also new energy non-standard automation equipment components and heat dissipation assembly testing systems, nuclear power non-standard automation equipment biaxial creep testing devices, aerospace non-standard automation equipment water hammer pulse testing machines. These automation equipment testing machines are customized according to customer needs, testing objects, and testing content, In fact, there are many types of non-standard automation equipment. A whole car has so many parts, and the non-standard automation equipment used is different. In terms of automotive non-standard automation equipment,

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